Magnesium Orotate – One Amazing Supplement Gives you Countless Health Benefits

Magnesium orotate is an essential supplement that helps over 300 different functions that require magnesium to regulate enzyme levels in the body. Did you know that even though magnesium orotate is essential to hundreds of body functions – from restful sleep to preventing heart disease – that there is a severe deficiency of magnesium in Europe and the United States?

What is magnesium orotate?

magnesium orotateMagnesium orotate is a supplement that combines two natural agents which work together to optimize how your body functions. The first part of magnesium orotate – the magnesium – plays a very important part in blood circulation. In addition to that, it is essential to lowering cholesterol levels, and it is a well-known treatment for asthma, psoriasis, and even diabetes.

Magnesium orotate lowers blood pressure, and the body needs high levels of magnesium in order to stabilize enzyme levels used for everything from regulating circulation, to making sure your nervous system is working at optimal levels. The magnesium in magnesium orotate makes sure your body has energy when it needs it, while also giving you a restful sleep at the end of the day.

The second part of magnesium orotate – the orotate – is the building block in DNA production. In basic terms, the orotate helps strengthen cells and increase tissue regeneration so that the body’s immune system is in top condition. Magnesium orotate helps your body heal faster, while it prevents the onset of a number of disorders. Also consider Magnesium Glycinate for great health benefits.

Clinical Trials & Magnesium Orotate

In clinical studies, magnesium orotate has been proven effective at boosting levels of magnesium, which the body needs more of with age. It also showed success in boosting the health of people suffering from heart conditions – as high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases greatly deplete the body’s magnesium reserves.

Magnesium orotate has shown an improved rate of cellular regeneration, as well as helping respiratory systems. It  is also used to treat people with asthma, and those with sleep disorders. On a daily basis, even people leading active and healthy lifestyles need to constantly replenish magnesium reserves in order to keep high levels of energy and an optimal metabolism.

What to look for when buying magnesium orotate

When shopping for magnesium orotate, you want to look for the highest concentration in pill or gel form. Remember, your body needs a lot of magnesium orotate, and a higher concentration means you will only need one or two doses per day at higher concentrations. Next, you want to make sure that you are getting as much pure magnesium orotate as possible.

Some magnesium orotate distributors mix synthetics with magnesium, so your body doesn’t get the full benefits of magnesium orotate that is needs. Lastly, when you shop for this supplement, you want to make sure to read customer reviews. Some brands of magnesium orotate are very expensive. Some brands of act like a powerful multivitamin.

Other types of magnesium orotate are mixed with other natural supplements and focus on improving cardiovascular health. Others are sold with all-natural supplements that allow you to get e restful night’s sleep.

Bottom Line

Whatever your reasons – from wanting a healthy heart, to needing decent sleep, to just keeping your energy levels high – your body needs magnesium orotate in order to function properly. Do your heart and body a favor – look into getting magnesium orotate. It is one tiny supplement that has hundreds of benefits for your body. Taking this supplement is one of the best things you can give your body. And if you do, you will be reaping the rewards of magnesium orotate for the rest of your life.